I am excited and honored to be part of the Thein-Brass family in Bremen, Germany! Creating my own signature instrument has been a true privilege and especially working with the people behind the scenes at the Thein factory made this an even better experience.

In 2015, Max Thein and I started working on building a tenor trombone that unifies the concepts and characteristics of both the German and American trombones. This instrument has an ease of playing and exhibits a rich and colorful sound with clarity in articulation and consistency of pitch in all dynamics and registers. We chose a German-made rotary valve by Meinlschmidt that has impeccable response and a free and easy low register. Another special feature on the BEL CANTO is the cut bell, which doesn’t affect the sound quality at all and allows for convenient and safe travel with your trombone.

All of these characteristics could never have been achieved without Max and the rest of the Thein crew's extremely precise and detail oriented manufacturing. I am very proud of the result of our collaboration, the BEL CANTO Thein Tenor Trombone. Thank you very much for your great craftsmanship and friendship!

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A truly great fit for the “bel canto” trombone is the "STEINER GFM" mouthpiece made by Masahito Nakagomi at willie's Custom Brass in Japan. This mouthpiece combines a very round comfortable rim, a shape and weight that emphasizes a rich sound full of overtones, and gives the player extreme ease in articulation.

The mouthpiece comes in two different versions: the “STEINER GFM” and the “STEINER GFM S” and in four different platings: silver, gold, pink – gold and champagne. I use the “STEINER GFM” as my standard mouthpiece for solo and orchestral playing. You may already be able to tell from the name that “STEINER GFM S” is a size smaller and is great for hours of high and demanding playing with a big ensemble such as a trombone choir.  The four different versions of plating all have their unique characteristics and every player will find their perfect fit.



rim inner diameter: 25.95mm

throat diameter: 7.2mm

cup depth: Medium



rim inner diameter: 25.55mm

throat diameter: 7.2mm

cup depth: Medium


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